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ShoreTel Operator Console
The ShoreWare Operator Call Manager software delivers the information and control features that enable businesses to cost effectively give callers a "high touch" level of personalized attention. Company operators, executive administrators, and departmental receptionists can all use this flexible call administration software to provide optimum service to callers.
ShoreTel Unified Messaging
The ShoreTel system provides a complete messaging solution including voice mail and automated attendant, along with unified messaging desktop tools for users. The solution scales seamlessly up to 10,000 mailboxes which can be centralized or distributed across a network on standard servers.
ShoreTel Call Manager
ShoreWare Personal and Advanced Call Manager gives enterprise users the equivalent of a desktop PBX-a powerful, all-purpose tool for managing voice communications. With ShoreTel Personal Call Manager, workers can quickly browse contacts and make calls from local directories or from Microsoft Outlook.
ShoreWare Director
ShoreWare Director is a browsed-based network management tool that provides a single management interface for all voice applications across all locations. When you add a new user on the ShoreTel system, the user gets an extension, a mailbox, an auto-attendant profile, can be added to an ACD group, and even gets an email to download their desktop software - all from a single management screen. This eliminates the confusion caused by multiple PBXs, multiple voice mail systems, multiple automated attendants, and multiple ACD systems - all with their multiple management interfaces.
ShoreTel Contact Center
ShoreTel Contact Center solutions represent an evolutionary leap in customer service ¿ a leap made possible by the convergence of voice and data into a single, unified medium.
ShoreTel Conferencing
Combining voice and data over one network provides opportunities for collaboration and productivity


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