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Mitel is a leading provider of communications solutions for a range of organizations from the very small, single site offices to the multi-site, large enterprises.

5000 Communications Platform
The MitelĀ® 5000 Communications Platform (CP) enables small businesses to blend their voice system into their data network, creating a cost-effective, efficient communications environment. The 5000 CP solution offers a digital / IP communications platform, which allows businesses to network geographically-dispersed employees and locations, whether they are connecting offices and applications together over a data network, or deploying digital and IP phones to on-site employees.
IP Telephones
For more than four years Mitel has been offering the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of IP desktop devices. Designed with ergonomics and modern office esthetics in mind, they give users easy, intuitive access to the feature rich telephony and advanced desktop applications enabled by Mitel IP Communications Platforms.


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