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Free is good. Reliable, lifelike and effortless are better, especially when it comes to getting business done. Ever squinted at low quality web video, had to re-establish meeting flow after disconnects or 'freezes', or suffered through the distractions and interruptions of an audio web conference? Now imagine collaborating on the HD screen in your conference room with real people who see you just as clearly.  With real time high quality audio.  And shared desktop,laptop or tablet screens.  Once you see this connected experience, you’ll understand why paying for a professional, high quality video conferencing service is incredible.  

Lifesize isn't free, but neither is anything worth having.  If you need video as a part of your communications strategy, Lifesize is a superior investment.  

LifeSize is the innovation leader in video conferencing, inventing both HD video conferencing and the world’s first virtualized video infrastructure. We passionately innovate to continuously make your work and video collaboration easier, of a higher quality and available to anyone, anywhere.  Choose from flexible cloud, infrastructure or both to design a solution for your collaboration needs.



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